Forwarding and Transportations

We arrange customs clearance, forwarding, special and express transportations to Russia - even to places that may seem almost impossible to reach - in time and according to our customer's wishes.

Tight schedules are not the problem, the speed of logistics is our competitive advantage.

Our services cover:

  • Providing the needed import, export and freight documents
  • Customs
  • Import and export forwarding
  • Delivery to destination
  • Help and consultancy with other export and import related needs, documents and translations

We operate near Russian border in Lappeenranta Finland and other border locations if neccessary. Our logistics are supported by a comprehensive partner network. Our network enables us to provide the following services with speed and reliablity:

  • Pre-clearance
  • Truck transportation
  • Vehicles for special transportation
  • Storage space in Lappeenranta, Finland
  • Crane services
  • Airfreight
  • Helicopter transportation
  • Ferry transportation